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A GUI which allows one to run a computation using Liggghts and OpenFOAM and visualize the result with Mayavi

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Simphony-ui is hosted on github: https://github.com/simphony/simphony-ui


  • futures
  • simphony-framework == 0.3.1

Optional requirements

To support the documentation built you need the following packages:

  • sphinx >= 1.3.1


The package requires python 2.7.x, installation is based on setuptools:

# build and install
python setup.py install


# build for in-place development
python setup.py develop

Quick start:

Once installed, you can run SimPhoNy-UI with:

# run simphony-ui


To run the full test-suite run:

python -m unittest discover

Directory structure

The module is structured as following:

  • simphony_ui – Core of the simphony_ui module
    • liggghts_model – The Liggghts trait model and wrapper creation
    • openfoam_model – The OpenFOAM trait model and wrapper creation
    • couple_openfoam_liggghts – Main routine which run the calculation
    • ui – Main trait model which contains the whole UI with the Mayavi view
  • doc – Documentation related files
    • source – Sphinx rst source files
    • build – Documentation build directory, if documentation has been generated using the make script in the doc directory.

EDM packages

The repository supports generation of EDM packages with the command:

python edmsetup.py egg

Check the simphony/buildrecipes-common documentation for more information.

User Manual

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